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Custom Process Systems

At MOCORP, quality means meeting our customer’s requirements – every time. Our process systems are fabricated by our trained and skilled fabricators. Our project managers work closely with our customers to meet regulatory standards.

"The team at MOCORP are more than a vendor but rather a true part of our team. They are responsive, professional and always collaborative. They have also proven to be willing to provide our company with valuable feedback on how we can improve our side of the partnership."

We offer a wide range of system components. Some of our most popular equipment types include:

  • Bulk bag unloaders—Effectively load and empty large-scale bags of dry solid goods with our bulk bag unloading systems. Our options include remote controlled unloaders that keep your operator clear of the bag.
  • Dust Collector / Filter Receiver systems—Dry goods can stir up a lot of dust in your facilities. Reduce the unwanted particles with a dust collector.
  • Belt conveyors for moving material rapidly from one point to another.
  • Pneumatic conveyor systems—Pneumatic conveyors use pressure differences and airflow to move goods down an assembly line. These systems can save you energy and money during your packaging process.
  • Auger conveyors—When working with granular products, it is best to rely on a screw conveyor for processing. We can design and fabricate various types: traditional flighting, ribbon flighting, multi-pitch flighting, conical flighting and conical shafts.

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